We offer a variety of services to help meet the needs of your family. All of our services are evidence-based and delivered by qualified staff.

Individualized ABA

We provide the most effective, data-based, and individualized behavioral interventions for your child. Having individualized interventions based on your child’s needs will help them excel.

NEW! Early Intensive Program

We work with infants and toddlers by creating personalized goals for them to develop age appropriate skills. Research shows that early intervention is key to a child’s overall development.  

Community Based Services

Community based instruction in the form of school services, social playdates, and community outings. Through community based instruction we are able to target and identify skills to best help your child generalize and assist where needed.

Social Skills Group

We facilitate social skill groups during the week to ALL children. Your child is placed in the most appropriate group based on their needs. Your child will learn how to communicate appropriately, develop friendships, and learn the foundational skills in order to make meaningful connections.


We use HIPPA compliant digital platforms for your child to work remotely on his personal goals and expand his functional skills. We ensure their goals are being targeted on a regular basis. Telehealth services are also offered for parent training fitting your personal schedule!

Toilet Training

Evidence-based self-help skills such as toilet training, for ALL children. Using ABA, we are able to create a plan and work on the child becoming independent in the restroom. We have had many success stories with children from all backgrounds.

Other ABA services include:

Functional Behavior Assessment

ARD/IEP Advocacy

Social Play Dates

Positive Behavior Support

Spanish sessions available

Parent Training

Behavior Intervention Planning

Naturalistic Behavioral Intervention / Incidental Teaching

Step By Step, Little By Little